Welcome to Avenues of Peace

Within each of us lives a vision of a more just, loving and compassionate world. Many of us know that our world is in need of great help at this time in order to heal what often appears as indifference to the suffering and cruelty that continues for so many human beings, the Earth and all its inhabitants. Yet many of us may feel overwhelmed about how we can help at this time.

At Avenues of Peace we are dedicated to being a voice and a vehicle for change and peace. True peace comes from living in peace within oneself, within one’s immediate family and with our entire human family – and through knowing that indeed “We Are All One”. Just as our hand is connected to our whole body, each of us is connected to the whole of humanity. As we begin to experience our interconnectedness with all life, we begin to know from deep within that we must make our own unique contributions toward healing in the world.

We are living in a miraculous time, when this spiritual awareness is becoming more accessible to individual consciousness. It is a time that has been long-awaited by many, and has been described and anticipated in many different ways across many different traditions and cultures. The blessing of spiritual Light that increasingly infuses the earth at this time makes possible levels of peace, love, and transformation that have not been possible previously in human history.

Join Us

“My life is my message.”
~ Mahatma Ghandi ~

Avenues of Peace provides resources, inspirations, connections, and teachings to help each being awaken to their great potential for healing for themselves and the world.

We understand that at this time on earth, and in each moment, we each have a choice: to live a life that is based in Love for All – or to continue to live a life based on separation from Love. This is a choice we each face individually and as a whole planet.

Know that we each make a difference. If we are silent, then we add our voice to the voice of indifference. When we choose Love, then we are adding to the greater good for all of mankind. Our choice is to awaken to this truth, or to continue to be part of the indifference that contributes to the suffering of others.

We welcome you to explore our website and see the resources that are available now, and to join with us as these resources grow over time. Within each of us lives a beautiful and sacred potential. At Avenues of Peace, we are committed to learning to give our lives more fully to our mission and purpose. We invite you to share your journey with us, as we share our journey with you. Please feel free to contact us with questions, inspirations or responses to our website.

All Are Welcome.
With Love and Blessings.